Two options

The first thing to consider is whether you want to place the led device on the spot you want to treat or whether you want LEDs embedded in fabric that you can strap on your body.

Strap-on led devices

Strap-on led devices sound easier, but they take a long time to produce results because they are very low power. There are many complaints in front of the FDA due to burns from strap-on LEDs. Usual treatment times for one area are about 20–30 minutes.

lzr ultrabright

Handheld LEDs

Handheld LEDs are great if they are powerful. Look for one with 5,000 milliwatts or higher. The higher the power the faster the results. Usual treatment times are 1–2 minutes for one area.

Lower power LEDs

Lower power LEDs take a long time to treat any significant injury. Look for an LED with 5,000–10,000 milliwatts as treatment times are very fast: usually 1–2 minutes per area. You can find devices like this through physical therapy and chiropractic dealers, Amazon, and other online stores.

Lasers Are Coherent, LEDs Are Not

The photons emanating from a laser are highly organized, directional, and termed “coherent light.” Note in the picture below how the laser light is coherent, or “in-phase” and the LED light is non-coherent or “out of phase.”


waves are “in-phase.”
waves are “out of phase”

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How Do We Measure Wavelength?

Light travels in a wave as depicted in the diagram below.

We can characterize the light by its wavelength, which is the distance between successive peaks (or valleys) in the wave. We measure the wavelength of light in nanometers (nm).

Measure Light Wave (sine wave)

The length of 1 nanometer is 1 billionth of a meter. One thousand nm’s equals one micron, which is a millionth of a meter. Thus, a 940 nm laser has a wavelength that is almost one micron. By comparison, the size of this dot ( . ), used as a period, is about 400 microns or 1/64 inch.



If you have been suffering from chronic pain, LZR UltraBright can be very effective to alleviate very much your suffering by simply applying an array of led lights to the painful spot of your body periodically and accordingly to the usage directions of the LED therapy or LED light  treatment.

You can also ask for a qualified advise from LZR UltraBright by simply sending a message about your ailments or chronic pain. Be clear and concise with your questions plus include shortly the history of these. It will be very useful if you will include what medications or other means you have undertaken in the past.

On instances or cases of more acute pain caused by broken or fractured bone, the LED light treatment or undergoing a LED therapy may not provide or cause sufficient pain relief if applied too early in the event or occurrence as fractures, breaks and sprains commonly create or maintain a lingering or even chronic pain all the way towards the ending stages of the healing process. This also depends on the seriousness of the damage and the size of the injured area.

However, the middle or ending stages of healing are usually might be the ideal time for the LED therapy or LED light treatment. Again this will depend upon a Chiropractor’s assessment or LZR UltraBright’s qualified response to your specific inquiry.

In the event of an acute injury relating, but not limited, to the above, the basic and oldest first hand remedy assuming the injury is not life threatening or on very serious levels, is to carefully apply some ice on the injured area in a on and off method for the first two days to reduce inflammation by cooling off the injured area thereby restricting blood flow.

After two days or so, it is noted that applying heat to increase the flow of blood that will result in generating or persuading vital nutrients to recover the damaged tissues, cells and related components of the affected part of the body. This is the recovery stage where pain is reduced by means of the LED therapy or LED light treatment, if and only if, the application will be approved by a qualified  Chiropractor.

It is best then to seek the qualified advise first. Send a message to LZR UltraBright as their reply is trusted and their qualifications are seasoned by years of practice and specialization of LED therapy or LED light treatments using the best LED device in the market today .

Please note that with a sufficient powerful infrared radiation focused on the subject injured area of the body, it will penetrate to the actual internal areas or parts where the injury occurred or it will reach the most internal parts of the old injury or chronic pain to alleviate or lessen the pain towards the end of the final stages of the healing process.

LED devices used in LED therapy or LED light treatments are specifically useful and can be the best remedy or solution for these type of pain or injury situations because the levels of lights can be controlled or set at different frequencies or outputs. Plus considering that the device itself have a long lifetime as long as the LED devices are  handled and stored correctly. Therefore your light or LED therapy will continue as long as the devices will remain functional or undamaged in the many years ahead.

Science Videos

This section will help you understand HOW light can provide miracles.

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