lzr ultrabright

Light & Laser Therapy

There are many benefits of red and infrared light therapy. Studies show improvements in many types of conditions. Learn how and why the LZR UltraBright can help. The information below is for the clinical use of LED therapy. Although we include a short overview of physics, physiology, and the history of light, we purposely limit coverage of these subjects to focus on the clinical aspects of treatment with LED and light therapy.



LZR Ultrabright is the most effective and cost efficient device used in administering light treatments. The light waves are focused on the affected area for a specific period of time and sometimes administered at certain times of the day where light therapy is most effective in the healing process. LIGHT THERAPY IN SKIN TREATMENTS. The affected skin area or spot is exposed to ultraviolet light or the whole body surface is enclosed in a high power UVB booth done at home or clinic. The most famous and safest treatment quality is the utilization of narrowband UVB or NB-UVB, having a wavelength of 311–313 nanometer.