Our Customers Love Their UltraBrights!

lzr ultrabright

I must say in the short period of time I am very impressed with this device. I had so many other lasers over the years: Low Powered continuous and pulsed, Super Pulsed, etc. Unfortunately, all the results with them have been a very expensive disappointment!


Dr Robert Stashko

My spine is always sore and achy when I wake up. This is the main reason I got into teaching yoga these past 30 years. After using the Ultrabright on my entire spine, I didn’t wake up with a sore back. That was extremely impressive as that only happens after a long yoga session.


Sylvie Bader, Ibiza, Spain

I want to let you know I am very happy with the LZR UltraBright. I find it is working amazingly well. I can’t imagine a laser working any better. I’ve used so many lasers at different seminars and not with the same level of success. After even one treatment on a patient’s Morton’s neuroma, she had significant relief. I have found that it is helping my Dupuytren’s contracture on my hand, it is taken around 10 to 12 treatments but a dramatic release of the tendon has been achieved.


Thomas Kriczky, DC, Pensylvania

I think the question should be, what isn’t this Ultrabright good for? I have been treating my entire spine every day to heal damage in the fascia and muscles and find it amazing. My clients notice reduced soreness and faster recovery from injuries. When I stretch I put the UltraBright on tight muscles and I can relax them more deeply. The Ultrabright is healing a multitude of muscle tears from injuries due to over-use from competitive running in college and countless injuries from an active life of backpacking and snowboarding which have left me with lots of haunting injuries. I think everyone should own an Ultrabright since it seems to be able to heal anything!


Elizabeth Lakin, California